James Nelson


Office: 740.289.3102
411 West Street
Piketon, Ohio 45661

Available: on call 24/7
Mon - Fri
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

I am the Chief of Police of the Village of Piketon. I have been a resident of Piketon for most of my life. I graduated from Piketon High School. I hold an Associate's Degree from Scioto Technical College and a Bachelor's Degree from Ohio University. Most of my life I have worked in the Law Enforcement field from State Corrections Officer, Probation Officer, Deputy, Police Officer, County Sheriff, and private security.

I served as Chief of Police in Piketon in the past and welcome the opportunity to serve my community again. I have been active in the community, having served sixteen years as a member of the Scioto Valley School Board, past member of the Dogwood Committee, and other local organizations. I served my country, having served three years in the U.S Army.

I am married to Linda Nelson, who is retired from the county and school system. We have three children and six grandchildren. Piketon has come a long way in improving the Village and I hope to be a part of our future. If you have any problems that you need or wish to discuss, I am in my office daily from 8 am until 4:30 pm.