Sarah Erwin


Office: 740.289.3102
Fax: 740-289-3565
411 West Street
Piketon, Ohio 45661

Sarah is the current Village of Piketon Mayor’s Court Clerk/Mayor’s Clerk, a position she has held for nine years. Her responsibilities include processing traffic tickets and court papers, weekly reports to the State of Ohio BMV, schedules meetings for the Mayor, accepts and processes payments, works hand-in-hand with the police chief and officers, as well as many other daily duties.

Sarah earned her certification in 2018 with the Association of Mayor’s Court Clerks of Ohio, which she attends annually. Recently, Sarah was chosen to be a member of the Education Committee with the Association of Mayor’s Court Clerks of Ohio.

Sarah has two adult daughters that she enjoys spending time with, and also enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, being outdoors, and camping.