Piketon Community & Improvement Corporation

The Village of Piketon used its authority under the Ohio Revised Code to create and establish the Piketon Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) as the economic development arm of the Village. Our five-member board represents the local government, school district, and community interests. CIC board members are Billy Spencer, Ralph Douthitt, Jennifer Chandler, Megan Williams, and Barb Barker.  

We identify blighted properties to transform into revenue generating assets and work with private investors, businesses, and individuals to improve property values and function. Our goal is to make our community more attractive for future private investment and development, increase real estate inventory and appraisal value, and increase the job creation potential for the southern Ohio Appalachian Region. 

Through the CIC, the Village applies creative and innovative solutions using valuable partnerships and relationships with developers, business owners, community service providers, and other government entities. At times the CIC is directly involved in a deal and at other times the CIC facilitates a deal between two other parties. The flexibility of the CIC allows groups to work together for the common good and accelerates the benefits to the community.

Notable developments facilitated by the CIC:
  • Redevelopment of the former Piketon Elementary school building and underutilized property on Second Street into The Square at Piketon.
  • Demolition of the former Piketon High School building on West Street to make room for a new community college campus in the Scioto Valley-Piketon Area Education District.
  • Renovation of a dilapidated former nursing home on Main Street into an apartment building, Glaver Estates. 
  • Demolition and remediation of an abandoned gas station on Market Street.
Removal of underground fuel storage tanks and demolition of the abandoned Busters Bi-Lo gas station on Market Street